Ninth Fleet Headquarters Charter

Ninth Fleet Charter and Policies

1- Mission of the 9th Fleet

Above all else, our objective is to have fun! We promote our members to be active, be helpful towards not only ourselves, but to others as well. The team spirit is recognised as a positive influence within our ranks, and a positive attitude goes a long way towards a long and healthy relationship. We also encourage our members to be open minded when it comes to gaming activities. While we are a team, we have no intention of limiting our members to just one arena of activity. After all, since our formation in 1999, the SFC series has seen many new versions coma along, and we are still active in each, to one degree or other. As we look to the future, it is inevitable that older games fall by the wayside, and new titles are picked up. While we were drawn together on similar interests, and played the same games at first, it is our expectation that we continue to remain as a group when we venture into new arenas of game play.

2- History

9th Fleet was born soon after the release of Starfleet Command #1. The Starlance gaming league opened up a ladder for the new game, and in many ways, set the standard for fleet organisation and maintainance. Some procedures involved were necessary to keep things fluid and active, and promoted member activity as such. While the community was left stranded with the demise of Starlance, many of its practices are still being used to this day. As they say- if it works, go with it. As such, we now have the freedom to manage the fleet as we see fit.

3- Organisation and Ranks

While we are a free entity, we base our organisation on the military model, and ranks are similar to those used in the Star Trek universe. In reality, we don't actually carry a true officers commission; all ranks are merely a representation. They are used to represent position, experience, and also give a good idea of membership length. There is also a certain amount of prestige involved, and at the same time encourage activity and self improvement. Experienced officers are a valuable asset because of their knowledge. New officers are also considered valuable, because of their potential to interact and grow. They also make up the bulk of the fleet, and require a constant flow of communication to keep them informed of events. This is a symbiotic relationship which we strive to keep healthy.

There is always the question of promotion. The one and only real factor for consideration is fleet activity. This covers a fair amount of ground, and is mostly the responsiblity of senior officers to not only keep a regular assessment of junior members, but to keep interest alive by giving promotions regularly. We consider it unfair (especially considering this is all in fun) to base qualifacations for promotion merely upon one single factor, such as game ability. On the other side of the coin, it wouldn't do much good to give promotions too often. If you were promoted once a week, for example, it wouldn't be long before there were no ranks left to move up to. It requires something of a balancing act which does take members some time to move on through the system.

Our policies concerning the current Fleet Organization are as follows:

    3-1 Command Staff Organization
  • Command Staff will rotate every three months in and out of Billet.

    3-2 Command Staff Structure
  • Sharpe: Admiral (Commander)
  • Sochin: Rear Admiral (Deputy Commander)

    -Never more than 2 Admirals, 1 Vice Admirals (3 total)

    3-3 Flag Officer Organization
  • Intecity125: Rear Admiral (Chief of Staff)
  • CRalston: Commodore (STO Division Commander)
  • Hunt: Commodore (RP Division Commander)
  • [Vacant]: Commodore
  • [Vacant]: Commodore
  • [Vacant]: Commodore
  • [Vacant]: Commodore

    -Never more than 2 Rear Admirals , 5 Commodores

4- Officer Promotions

    4-1 Flag Officer Promotions (Commodore to Vice Admiral)
    For a member to be considered for promotion into the grade of Flag Officer he must meet the following requirements:
  • Be recommended by 50% of his peers.
  • Be sponsored by 1 person of Higher Rank than himself.
  • Have the favorable endorsement of 50% of the Officers holding the rank in question.
  • If the above sections are met, than the Officer’s status is changed to requested rank (select), pending formal appointment to the rank by the Command Staff.
  • While selected for promotion the Fleet Admiral may "Frock" the Officer to the rank selected if he deems there is an immediate need for action to be taken.
    The Fleet Admiral may revoke any promotion of any fleet member temporarily without the input of the command staff for a period of up to 10 days.
    The Fleet Command Staff may relieve any Officer with a simple majority, the Fleet Admiral’s vote counting as 2.

    4-2 Line Officer Promotions (Commander to Fleet Captain)
    For a member to be considered for promotion into the Line Officer grade he must meet the following requirements:
  • Be nominated for promotion by the Officers Squadron commander, or in the absence of a squadron CO, be nominated by a Flag Officer.
  • Have the endorsement of a Flag Officer.
  • Have the Officer appointed to the rank by a member of the command staff.

    4-3 Operating Forces Promotions (Lt. Commander and below)
    For a member to be considered for promotion in the Operating Forces he must meet the following requirements:
  • Be nominated and promoted by the Officers Squadron Commander.
  • In the absence of a squadron commander be nominated by a Flag Officer, and have the endorsement of two Line Officers or higher.

5- Dual Citizenship
Any standing member of the 9th Fleet may request Dual citizenship in another unit provided the following requirements:

  • Officer must have direct superior’s consent to do so.
  • Officer must contact the Fleet Ambassador to ensure that current relations with 2nd Fleet are appropriate for dual membership.
  • Officer must submit an explanation for dual citizenship to the Fleet Ambassador to forward to the Executive Officer.
  • Fleet Ambassador and Officer’s direct superior must submit recommendations to the Fleet Executive Officer.
  • Fleet Executive Officer will present the Applying Officer’s request and recommendations to the Command Staff for approval.
  • Direct Majority of the Command Staff will determine the approval of dual citizenship with the Fleet Admirals Vote counting as 2.
  • Applying Officer is not entitled to know the breakdown of votes.
  • If denied, applying officer must wait a period no less than 30 days to re-submit a request.
  • No member of the command staff may hold dual citizenship.
  • No member commanding a squadron may hold dual citizenship.
  • No member may hold dual citizenship with a unit that is not classified by the Fleet Ambassador as an Ally of the 9th Fleet.

8- Recruiting Policy

Any person applying for membership to the 9th Fleet must:

1. Be sponsored by 2 members of the Fleet who are willing to personally vouch for him and his actions, past and present. Character references from known persons in fleet and out will help in this procedure.

2. Serve a probationary period of 30 Days while subject to counter intelligence observations.

3. Show signs of activity with regards to Fleet actions and/or communications.

When the probationary term is completed, the new member will go before a review board of 3 members of the Command Staff to review the member's probationary period and a final decision will be made with regards to full membership.

9- Retirment Policy

Any person wishing to retire may with command staff decision be:

  • Reduced to the Rank of Captain

  • Removed of their rank completly

  • Hold an honorary "Captain" rank if they are not completly retiring but just from a highly active position