Ninth Fleet Headquarters Bridge Commander

Ninth Fleet Star Trek Bridge Commander Detachment

Current Bridge Commander Division Leadership

Division Commanding Officer:
Rear Admiral
Rear Admiral Gadget
Division Executive Officer:
Fleet Captain
Fleet Captain Gibbs
Division Training Officer:
Captain Shinzon

Basic Installation Instructions
Most files are found here: BC Files

  1. Make sure you have installed Microsoft .NET Framework.
  2. Install the Bridge Commander game
  3. Install BC patch
  4. Install Kobayashi Maru 1.0 mod. (864 Mb)

    To install you'll need to open up your Activation folder, You should then see the main BC folder(ex: C:\Program Files\Activation\ ).
    Then open up the Kobayashi Maru folder until you see 4 folders called Data, Scripts, SFX and Docs. Now drag each folder from there to your BC folder and drop it in.
    It will take a while so give yourself a lot of time.

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